Pierre Ulric is available for hire to perform, present or consult for any of these types of events:


– Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Seminars

– Parties & Special Private Occasions

– Weddings, Birthdays, Reunions, Hens Nights, Bucks Nights

– Charities & Fundraisers

– Schools, Universities, Galleries, & Clubs

– Festivals & Theatres

– Remote area shows (e.g. remote communities, mine sites, etc.)


Please get in touch and we can discuss what you are looking for…


Exact duration, theme and content can be customized for the client.

Perth Magician

TV/Radio Spots

Invite Pierre into your studios to create an amazing moment with hosts and guests (live or recorded).

Strolling (cocktail)

Strolling performance from group to group or table to table during cocktail or dinnertime. The best way to break the ice and get your guests laughing, smiling and having fun! Treat your guests with classy, dazzling and dynamic social performances by the 2003 Australian National Magic Convention Strolling Magic Champion.

Full Parlour / Close-Up Show

Intimate and thought-provoking 45+ minute performance for a smaller audience, full of intimate mysteries, audience participation and strong visual or psychological illusions.  Suitable for groups less than 50. Perfect for business workshops, special dinner parties, etc. Audience should be seated.

Full Stage / Platform Show

Exciting 45+ minute stage show with amplification, music, audience participation and strong visual or psychological illusions. Suitable for 50-1000+ people. Perfect for theatres, halls and gala evenings. Audience should be seated.

Stage / Platform Spot

Same as above but the spot would only last between 5-15 minutes and the audience could also be standing (e.g. in a night club, gallery, etc…).

Keynote speaking at seminars and workshops

Engaging and energizing for every audience, Pierre Ulric’s programs can be customised to your event. On stage, Pierre Ulric reveals some of the psychological secrets that magicians use to deceive the human brain and how these can be applied to improve communication and perception. Using entertaining mysteries to make his points memorable, be sure he will inspire and inform your team.