How to Choose a Magician for Hire in Perth for Your Next Event

If you’ve decided to hire a magician in Perth for your next event, the next decision is which one to hire. It can be a trickier decision than it might seem; there are many performers to choose from, so how do you know you’re choosing the right one? If you’ve seen at least a few illusionists or magicians perform, then you know that some are better than others – and you want to make sure that you find that talented, charismatic entertainer to delight your guests.

The Quality of the Performance

One of the most important considerations when choosing a magician for hire in Perth is the amount of experience they have. The more they have performed, the more confident they will be and the better their show will be. A confident magician is at ease with the audience and capable of handling any eventuality with grace. Check for videos of the magician’s performances on their website and see for yourself how skilled they are. An experienced magician will be happy to share videos of their performances so you can see what you’re paying for upfront. The right magician should also behave professionally, respond quickly to your enquiry, sound knowledgeable about performing for groups of people, listen to you carefully, and answer your questions with confidence.

The Right Match for You

Different audiences and events call for specific styles of magic. Some people are more likely to enjoy mind-reading tricks or hypnotism; others want a thrilling stage performance or up-close sleight of hand. Magicians range from cheesy to sophisticated; where would you prefer yours to fall on the spectrum? Watch videos of the magician you are considering and make sure they are a good match for you and your event. Also look for someone with the style you want for your audience, whether that means family-friendly or more adult. Even if all your guests are adults, you may want to make sure all the humour will be clean – ask the magician about this beforehand to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation for you both. There’s nothing worse than feeling embarrassed in front of your grandma when the entertainer goes into a set of blue jokes!

The Right Magician for Hire in Perth: Pierre Ulric

Pierre Ulric has been performing magic and illusion shows in Australia for nearly 20 years. Dynamic, sophisticated, and original, he performs at many events including weddings, corporate events, parties, school shows, and more. When you’re looking for a magician in Perth to hire for your next event, choose the one who can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Pierre Ulric Mysteries will entertain, amaze, and inspire whether the audience is small or large. You’ll be very happy with the memories Pierre Ulric can help you create. As seen on TV and heard on the radio – Pierre Ulric will make your special event even more so with his incredible performance. Contact Pierre Ulric Mysteries today for more information.


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